Dot Pigeon - Abidiel Vicente



Presented by Plan X, Twisted is a duo show with the upcoming Italian digital artist Dot Pigeon and the Brazilian pop artist Abidiel Vicente.

Both artists are playing with modern iconography "twisting" objects or images into something completely new and different.

Dot Pigeon is an Italian advertising art director.

Born in Milan in 1987, he began his advertising career in 2010 and later won national and international awards such as Cannes Lions, Eurobest and Italian Art Directors Club.


He works with brands such as Netflix, Lavazza, Moleskine, Lamborghini, La Rinascente and Kit Kat.

In 2017 he created Dot Pigeon, an artistic project that uses Instagram as a platform.Inspired by pop culture, politics, icons and trends of the moment, the idea behind its artwork remains the same: to create simple and comprehensible messages executed in a clean and visually satisfying way.

In just over a year the account reaches more than 30 thousand people and his works are published by several online magazines, Instagram pages and newspapers (Fubiz, Designyoutrust, Designtaxi, Cnn, Darlin Magazine,, Il Messaggero, Freeda, Trendland, Picame Mag, etc).

Abidiel Vicente (1975- ) resides and works in São Paulo, Brazil.

His first series presented to a larger audience, named Popsi, has become a beacon of his proficiency with formal arrangements and of his understanding of art as something truly independent.

Before he created works on paper, Abidiel had conceived windows for a number of fashion labels. 

In 2008, other materials joined his repertoire, leading him to reuse several of them such as the steel drums (often found in dumpsters and wrecking yards) discarded by oil companies, which he used as raw material for his newly found artistic endeavor.

Abidiel started to display his immense control over techniques, mixing up airbrush and silk-screen applied onto the metal drums of varied sizes. On those drums, the artist has materialized his interpretation of popular day-by-day brands.

Drums of oil companies Shell and Esso would then contain water and psychiatric medicines such as Rivotril (Clonazepam), Dormonid (Midazolam), Lexotan (Bromazepam) and Prozac with altered formulas, thus making fun of the excessive consumption of such remedies nowadays and the aggressive marketing strategies that are commonly adopted in the pharmaceutical industry.


Even the logos of legendary music groups such as New Order and Joy Division were given new dimensions and were applied onto the metal drums, showcasing the artist’s connection not only to music, but also to the very aesthetical preciousness of communication itself.