UFO 907 is currently having a solo show at Chin's gallery in Bangkok, presenting his new body of studio work titled Zero To Hero. The Bangkok debut of one of the members of New York City’s biggest and most prolific graffiti crews, 907, includes new pieces on canvas, paper, as well as unique and editioned sculptures, all displayed within a vibrant, space takeover installation.

Along with CASH4, SMELLS, DROID, NOXER, or SADUE, UFO 907 became NYC's fixture over the years with his giant, multi-eyed space ship character lurking from rooftops through Brooklyn. With Art School background UFO's graffiti work was always sort of anomaly which made it both hated and loved over the years. His insisting on painting quirky character over letters makes him one of the pioneers of character-based graffiti and an important figure in the transition of the subculture of graffiti into the mainstream as well as the rise of Street Art phenomenon as we know it today.

After 20 years of building a name for himself with his unconventional creations in public, he has lately returned to his studio and started producing smaller scale work using the same raw and immediate style and aesthetics. Almost exclusively featuring his signature symbol, the new works are playing with the mixture of text and drawings, patterns, backgrounds, and building a narrative. Stepping away from painting on walls the artist is able to construct the full surrounding for his images, creating different atmosphere and appearance of the work. Experimenting with humor, paying tribute to graffiti, as well as composing psychedelic or even abstract creations, UFO 907 is utilizing his well-practiced use of spray paint and markers on different mediums. Layering different types of paint and different styles of works, he is regularly mimicking the urban surface, but modifying it to the point it becomes part of the whole image. Along with works on canvas and paper, he produced large handpainted fiberglass sculptures, as well as an editioned chromium figure.

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