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"I use shapes, symbols, and images sourced from online to create de-constructed portraits through various speeds and methods of painting, such as meticulous oil painting, spray paint, and collaged materials."

Katelyn Ledford is an artist currently living in Boston, Massachusetts. She received her Master of Fine Arts in Painting at the Rhode Island School of Design. Her art has been featured and exhibited along the South and Northeast regions in galleries and museums such as the Baton Rouge Gallery, Birmingham Museum of Art, Wiregrass Museum of Art, and Field Projects Gallery in New York City.

Juxtaposition of materials and surface quality disrupt the images and cause the viewer to question the sense of space and comfortability in viewing images, especially ones of people. Ultimately, I seek a mode of painting that can slow down the viewer and make them consider our image-saturated, online-obsessed, contemporary reality within the framework of portraiture. "

" Contemporary life is lived partially within digital technologies; thus, we consume masses of images, including ones of people, with no consideration for their context or personhood due to the destruction of image hierarchy. In my studio practice, I consider this role of digital technologies and images in shaping the curated portrait of women at large and individually.  


Plan X Milan

Viale Bianca Maria n. 45

Milano 20122


Only on appointment


Plan X Rooftop - Capri

Piazza Umberto I n.7

Capri 80073


Monday - Saturday (4pm to 10pm)


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