CB Hoyo - Plan X Art Gallery

CB Hoyo

"We live in an era where artistic authenticity is highly questionable,  an era shaped by social media and fake news. My goal is to create a state of awareness about today’s fake society  and to remind people that art is a way of expression, of having fun, and that it should bring joy".

CB HOYO (1995, Havana, Cuba) is an Europe-based artist whose career has been on the steady rise since 2017. After his massive success on Instagram, the self-taught artist is constantly in the public eye with important worldwide  exhibitions.

CB Hoyo’s skillfully composed paintings are often spiced with a splash of humor and celebrate life itself in a fresh, colorful, and fun way. In an era shaped by social media and fake news, and where artistic authenticity is highly questionable, CB Hoyo aims to create awareness of the falsity of contemporary society, pointing out that art should always be a way of self expression and joy.



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