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Childhood heroes, pop icons… Everyone knows the characters portrayed by Alec Monopoly. But his own face is always hidden away by a mask and a hat. A taste for anonymity that comes directly from the streets. Just like his art. As a graffiti artist in New York, he used to work under the threat of visiting jail.

“Alec Monopoly” is the alias of an unidentified graffiti artist, originally from New York City. The artist has worked in the urban environments of New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Europe and throughout Asia using varied materials (including stencils, spray paint, epoxies, varnishes and newspapers) to subversively depict various iconic pop culture characters. Alec Monopoly cites his artistic origins as learning from his mother, an artist, eventually abandoning traditionally academically driven art classes to pursue an individual methodology. 

Having achieved international renown, he has been commissioned for high-profile projects with The W Hotel, Philipp Plein, TAG Heuer, Vitamin Water, Avicii, and CoverGirl. Unlike other street artists, Monopoly avoids vandalism—often painting on abandoned buildings and warehouses rather than government properties or businesses. His adoption of the board game character Mr. Monopoly as his mascot was inspired by the stockbroker Bernie Madoff and is intended as a criticism of the billion-dollar bailouts and deregulation associated with major banks.


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Plan X Milan

Viale Bianca Maria n. 45

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Only on appointment

Plan X Rooftop - Capri

Piazza Umberto I n.7

Capri 80073


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