Founded on our beliefs.

Driven by your passion.


Plan X was born from a determination to overcome the barriers of elitism and to

facilitate a stronger discourse between artists and audiences around the world.

Plan X is committed to generating mass engagement with the most exciting, talented and culturally-relevant artists of our time.  Using new technologies and pioneering approaches to digital media, the gallery is recognised for diversifying and expanding contemporary art audiences.

"Most commercial gallery spaces operate on the ideals of exclusivity and elevated social status - but we want to act as a narrator (with a megaphone), telling the story of today’s most gifted artists to a global, mainstream audience. The approach to our audience is totally indiscriminate and authentic, and the selection of the artists is not based on false constructs, pretensions or reputations  - only the work itself."

"We were aware of so many incredibly talented young artists who were being ignored by big galleries because they didn’t have the reputation, commercial viability or educational background that they were looking for."


Conveniently located in the heart of Milan, just 5 minute's walk from Piazza San Babila, Plan X Milan is an immersive exhibition space, dedicated to experimental projects and programming.

We love to hear new ideas, so please contact us for more information or enquiries about the events and exhibition programming at Plan X Milan.  

viale Bianca Maria 45, Milan, Italy



Located on a rooftop of the world famous Piazzetta,

Plan X Rooftop is an exclusive exhibition space , very typical and unexpected, where you will find combined with the spectacular view a precious selection of artworks that embody the eclectic spirit of the Island.

Piazza Umberto I, n 7 Capri, Italy

(entrance from La Parisienne Boutique)

Plan X Milan

Viale Bianca Maria n. 45

Milan 20122


Only on appointment


Plan X Rooftop - Capri

Piazza Umberto I n.7

Capri 80073


Monday - Saturday (4pm to 10pm)


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